This space features inspiring female entrepreneurs working in London.  The aim is to inspire and encourage women everywhere and of all occupations to follow their dream and create the life they want to lead.

Hopefully the women featured here will illustrate how hard work, dedication, passion and determination are the key elements to achieve not only a successful career, but also a life filled with purpose.

About the author

aboutNuraan Ackers is a computer scientist turned photographer, who has done much soul-searching and research to find the one career which combined her love of technology, science and art. She realised that her hobby of many years, photography, was the perfect fit as it combines both art and technical aspects.

Switching careers and having no formal photography education, opened her eyes to the unconventional route of building a career out of passion and doing something that means more than just work. Hence her interest in the stories of others who have created their own place in this world, purely out of what they love to do.

Find her work at nuraanackers.com